France 24 The Debate 27 août 2014

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Hollande’s Last Chance: Can Weakened President Reform Without Left Flank?

It may be the boldest move of his troubled tenure as French president. François Hollande has cut off the left wing of his Socialist party with a surprise cabinet reshuffle that follows some very public displays of disaffection by his former economy minister Arnaud Montebourg. For many, this is his last chance to reform before the 2017 presidential election. At a time when Europe faces anaemic growth and the threat of deflation, can the new French government speak with one voice on stimulus?

Guests :
Corinne NARASSIGUIN Spokesperson for the French Socialist Party
Peter Gumbel British Journalist, Author of « France’s Got Talent »
Vincent MARTIGNY Lecturer, Ecole Polytechnique
Alexis POULIN Director of Euractiv France