France 24 The Debate 6 février 2015

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Hollande on all fronts: President vows to defend France’s Republican ideals

Francois Hollande’s Thursday press conference had a different ring to it. After the Paris attacks, he is feeling the momentum of a 20-point jump in the polls – announcing that he was en route to Kiev to try to prevent « total war » in Ukraine. He also pledged to counter radicalisation and defend the very French notion of secularism. Who stands to reap the political benefits of a France, and a Europe, with identity issues, potentially another Greek crisis, and a war on its eastern flank in Ukraine?

Guests :
Bruno BERNARD Campaign Strategist, UMP party
Corrine NARASSIGUIN Spokesperson for the Socialist Party
Eli HATEM Advisor to Jean Marie Le Pen (National Front)
Monte LASTER French-American Creative Exchange

Video : Part 1 / Part 2